Pregnant/Postnatal Fitness


This program is designed and suitable for all trimesters right from the minute you find out you are pregnant (as long as no complications) up until you drop (as long as you are feeling good). I have had ladies still coming to classes up to 42 weeks!
I have been working with pregnant women for over 6 years and seen many happy babies enter into the world. I can’t tell you enough how important it is for mum and baby to exercise.
There are so many benefits like feeling better, preparation for labour, keeping your weight under control, better sleep and that’s just a few.
My classes and one-on-one sessions for pregnancy are low impact cardio, light weights and suitable core stability work.
And then you come back after your 6 week check up to baby friendly classes/small group or one-on-one sessions.
At the beginning I will check your abdominals for Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation) and give you a plan to follow to get your tummy muscles back as well as gentle exercise and help to regain your pelvic floor muscles.
Once we both feel you are ready, you will then move up to Fit Mums (usually 12-16 weeks).
The classes are fun and a great way to meet liked minded mums and mums-to-be…come and join us!