After 7 years in Dubai owning and running a very sucessful Pre & Postnatal fitness company, I have returned home with my family and set up a similar company in the UK. In Dubai there was literally nowhere you could go and take your little one along with you whilst you did a workout and it looks very similar here too. I managed to keep in good shape during my pregnancy and genuinely thought it would fall off once I had the baby. I was clearly wrong and it was much harder than I thought! Once that little miracle arrived, my whole world changed (for the better of course!) but I didn't seem to have a single minute to myself. My only option was to workout in the evening but I wanted to go bed at 9pm so not much chance of that. I managed to do odd workouts but nothing consistent or enough to shift the baby weight. I was too busy teaching fitness to other mums and looking after my own little one that I was put to the back of the line...
Bumpalicious Fitness is a fitness class designed for mums with babies from 6-12 weeks (depending on delivery) up to toddlers age 4 years old approx. It is an actual fitness class for the mums so you will be exercising and getting sweaty whilst your toddlers play/join in and babies nap or watch . All equipment/baby toys are provided but feel free to bring your own.
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