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I became a Personal Trainer in the UK in 2007 where I worked Self Employed at LA Fitness.
I then decide to head to Dubai for a new challenge and some sunshine! I worked for a bootcamp company to begin with but an opportunity arose to set up my own business and couldn’t refuse.
My client and myself then set up Urban Energy Fitness end on 2009, this is a company specialising in Pre/Postnatal and Running.
I specialised in the Pre/Postnatal which is divided into two parts, the Pre/Postnatal classes are suitable for all 3 trimesters and from 6 weeks postnatal. Once we feel the client is ready they then join Fit Mums which is more intense, classes like boxing and high intensity circuits. All classes are baby/toddler friendly.
Fit Mums was launched this year and already we have 5 classes a week on the schedule, most classes being fully booked. I personally ran all of the Pre/Postnatal and Fit Mums classes.
I also specialise in rehabilitation and work along side physios to help you continue exercise safely throughout.
I had my little boy Frankie Jack in November 2014 who has been to several classes with me but it also changed our prospective on being away from family so we have decided to return to the UK.
I have now set up Bumpalicious Fitness in North Derbyshire area and looking forward to my new venture!

Amy Boshier
  • Sophie Hoult

    I thoroughly recommend Amy as a pre and post natal fitness instructor.
    I had always done a lot of exercise prior to becoming pregnant and I really wanted to stay in shape and fit while pregnant. I joined Amy’s classes at the start my first pregnancy’s and was pleasantly surprised at the exercises I could still do and the weights I was able to lift. I trained my whole pregnancies and then had a really quick and simple labor, I believe this was down to being physically fit.
    After my delivery I returned to the mums and baby’s class were I was quickly able to regain my fitness level and lose my baby weight. It was great being able to take my son along and thankfully Amy is a natural with babies as she spent a lot of time bouncing him around while I did never ending squats.
    I returned to Amy’s classes at the start of the second pregnancy and again had a great experience throughout my pregnancy, during delivery and post natal classes.
    If you want to stay fit or return to exercise because you are pregnant then look no further than Amy’s classes she has a wealth of knowledge and experience and you won’t be disappointed in the results.

    September 2015 – Dubai, UAE (Mum to Lawrence 4 months and Jeremy 17 Months)

    - Sophie Hoult
  • Joanna Cumming

    I have trained with Amy for four years both pre and post pregnancy. I can honestly say in over 150 pt sessions and untold number of classes I have never had the session repeated! She always keeps it fresh and engaging and sets the level for the stage you are at. She is the best, get booked in!!

    September 2015 – Dubai, UAE

    - Joanna Cumming
  • Gillian Craig

    I started going to Amy’s prenatal class when I was 12 weeks pregnant and wasn’t sure what to expect as I have always liked to stay active.  I was pleasantly surprised at the level of fitness I achieved throughout my pregnancy.  I kept going to the classes right to the very end and I have no doubt that it not only kept me fit and healthy throughout the pregnancy but really helped me through my labor.
    I enjoyed each and every class and really looked forward to going to them.  The workout was fantastic but also the fun environment Amy creates is unique.  Amy’s professionalism and knowledge on the best workout for pregnant mums is second to none and give you a sense of security while in her class.  I happily went back to the postnatal classes and dropped the pregnancy weight in no time.  I went on to join the fit mums classes which are fantastic.  I would recommend Amy’s classes to everyone!

    September 2015 – Dubai, UAE

    - Gillian Craig
  • Larissa Boland

    After having baby #2 I knew I would need help to get my body moving again. I happened upon a Facebook post from a mommy’s group promoting a 60-Day Challenge with Urban Energy Fitness and Aquarius Magazine. If I won I would be given 60 days of group exercise classes inclusive of childcare and private training. Excited, I immediately submitted. A few weeks later I received the best email saying I won!!

    From day one, Amy kicked my butt in the best way during group classes and also personal training. She not only took the time to check my post natal status in regards to abdominal separation, but she remembered during the class what exercise modifications would suit me best. I was not lost amongst the group of women, even though she was juggling teaching and also tending to the needs of others. She motivated and encouraged me to work hard within my physical post-natal limitations. As the days and weeks of training progressed she challenged me with harder workouts. My favorite workouts with Amy are TRX and kickboxing; they both make me feel strong and empowered. And even though I sweat like a beast, I still really enjoy having her push me with exercises I never considered before. Lastly but probably most importantly, as a busy mom, I also appreciated how communicative and flexible she was with our training. When she committed to our time together she was always there and focused. Absolute professional! I can’t believe how well my clothes are fitting me now so soon after baby :)

    September 2015 – Dubai, UAE

    - Larissa Boland
  • Leanne & Emily

    I joined Fit Mums as an unfit mom that hated any form of exercise. The reason I was attracted to this class was the fact I could take my daughter along, she could socialise with other children whilst I exercised and we were both getting something out of the class. I suffer with social anxiety and this class whilst helping me get into better shape it has also helped me overcome my biggest fears. I am now totally addicted to the classes, i’m starting to see my long lost hip bones again, and at the same time I’ve overcome many of my social fears and regained my self confidence!! Amy makes you feel part of a team and I hope she has the same effect on women in the UK. She will be missed here in Dubai! Good Luck

    September 2015 – Dubai,UAE

    - Leanne Stratford
  • “My sessions with Urban Energy not only kept me physically but mentally fit during pregnancy. Amy is highly professional and knowledgeable on what exercises are possible and whilst she pushes you and encourages you to be your best she also makes the classes fun”.

    September 2015 – Dubai, UAE

    - Nicola Holmes
  • Kirsty Howes

    “As a bit of a gym bunny I found it hard to adapt my work outs for my pregnancy until I began the prenatal classes with Amy.  Amy knew my fitness levels and when to push me harder.  I learnt that just because I was pregnant it didn’t mean I should stop working out; I just needed to make it safe for me and my baby.  Amy is so knowledgeable and I felt I really did feel safe and could trust her judgement.  After my son was born I was back to Amy’s classes at around 8 weeks following a postnatal programme and now back to higher intensity classes once more.  I really did have a great pre and post natal exercise experience and believe its all thanks to Amy.”

    September 2015 – Dubai, UAE

    - Kirsty Howes
  • IMG_6682.JPG

    I started training with Amy when I fell in love with boxing. I was looking for someone who could help take my fitness to the next level and incorporate a practice that I really enjoyed doing.
    Amy quickly became more than a trainer because of her positive attitude and supportive nature. She helped to push me beyond what I could have done in the gym on my own and I was happy to see the efforts pay off! I would recommend Amy as a trainer to anyone who is wanting to push themselves physically to become a fitter version of themselves, as well as to those who simply want to get back in shape!

    September 2015 – Dubai, UAE

    - Lisa S. Perry
  • Shauna & Olivia

    I would consider myself to have a good level of fitness so when i fell pregnant i wanted to continue exercising but under the correct supervision and i also wanted to still feel like i was getting a good workout.
    I tried a few different companies and i found that Urban Energy ‘Amy Classes’ could offer this !
    I found that Amy pushed me to the level she knew i was capable off so i always left the class feeling good ! i returned to exercise 5/6 weeks post C section and yet again attending Amy’s classes i felt motivated to lose my baby weight.  The class is also a great way to meet other mummies and build a new network of friends.
    I managed to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight in just under a year and maintain this before i fell pregnant again.
    Not only is Amy great during the classes but she also provides you with additional info to help outside the class if required. e.g previous pregnancy i had severe back pain so she emailed me info on exercises that i could do at home and she kept in check how i was doing.
    I would highly recommend her to any of my friends who is looking for a P/T or join a fitness class.

    September 2015 – Dubai, UAE

    - Shauna Ramskill
  • Claire Hamdan

    Health and fitness is an important part of my life and I have always attended some kind of gym class a few times per week. When I discovered I was pregnant, I wasn’t sure what kind of exercises were safe until I met Amy at Urban Fitness!
    I started attending Amy’s prenatal gym classes when I was 12 weeks pregnant. She knew exactly what exercises I should do and which ones to avoid. This gave me great confidence knowing I was in safe hands to continue working out while pregnant. I attended 3 classes per week.
    The classes were a combination of low impact cardio in the form of a light jog/walk followed by strength building using light weights or body weight. Each class was different from the next which always made it interesting.
    Amy would make corrections to my technique to ensure I wouldn’t do any damage. She would also push me when she knew I could do more! Alternative exercises were always recommended for different stages of pregnancy with special care taken for abdominals and pelvic muscles. The work outs energized me and made me feel good about myself.
    I worked out right up until the week before I gave birth, as did most people in the class. My doctor gave me the go ahead to return 5 weeks after my c section. I didn’t put on much additional weight and I’m sure this was due to the regular exercise and balanced diet.
    Amy ensured I was very careful during the first few weeks of returning to class. She checked my abs for separation and gave me some abdominal exercises I could do at home.
    One of the best things about the class was the group of girls I met along the way. Amy certainly created a community feeling and a network of like minded mums to be. The Whatsapp group enabled people to share questions and advice. Now our group meet every week outside the classes for coffee and play dates.
    October 2015 – Dubai

    - Claire Hamdan
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